Ferriss Mason is a fashion & wardrobe stylist, creative director, event producer and model. Her creative style is a unique talent that can seamlessly blend high end, contemporary, vintage and classic styles to evoke the vibe, mood and style of a shoot. Ferriss accredits much of her fashion sense and style to growing up on a tight budget and living in thrift stores with her Mother and weekend trips to Nordstroms and Union Square in San Francisco with her Father.  Growing up in an eclectic, colorful and vibrant city as Oakland, CA had a profound effect on the unique and visually stunning way that Ferriss adorns herself and clients.

While style and fashion are an innate talent that is never ending and expanding. Ferriss too is multi-faceted and holds a Bachelors Degree of Business Management from Golden Gate University. With considerable business insight and experience working with both start-up's and  large corporations her success has everything to do with her dual approach of professional creative styling and efficient business strategies, fueling her passion and desire to live a wholly encompassing creative life. But what is an encompassion life if one is not rooted in building up the community. Through her desire to give to her community Ferriss is one half creative directore and producer of THE COME UP LA. The Come Up LA is a monthly marketplace for all Black brands; the goal is to help the Black community use their spending power to influence economic grow in the Black community. The Come Up LA provideds space for brands, that may not otherwise have the oppurtuity, to showcase their brands, producuts and services to the community on a larger scale. We are nothing without community.

Relocating to Los Angeles was a complete 180˚ career move for Ferriss, from spending the work week cruntching number to pulling, shopping, creating and styling photoshoots. Upon the first few months of arrival she was able to work with former Americas Next Model winner Caridee English in an editorial that was published. This proved to be only the beginning. Since that great start Ferriss has worked with numerous models, actresses, actors, musicians, photographers, directors and stylist alike.

Ferriss is too a model and seeks to break the the constraints the title holds. She is not a standard size model, and not quite a plus size model but she holds her own and is looked too for her unique look, personality and professioanlism. Ferriss has worked with numerous photographers, brands, stylist and fellow models. She is a Kwēn in her own right.

She looks forward to creating art with you. In the end its all art.